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photography • poetry • analog ª

artist statement

today I realized my work is about presence in absence. how someone can be so tangible in a space of a memory.  void as it may seem to be or as far away as the person physically becomes. none the less, you are still comforted by their presence, it is felt.

as this is the only moment that matters.

projecting your reality; and I think you can really feel that by looking at my photographs.

Loneliness, reality, attachment, self-projection, immediacy, sexuality, cycles, nature, micro/macro, details, sensory memory and connected stimuli are themes in my work.   

Alternative presentations of the photograph, finding new ways to print and install ideas makes for an infinite exploration of this beautiful medium.  Cyanotypes, books, salt prints, light boxes, fabric, leaves…

I don’t limit types of film or format, slide films are my favorite.  

Poetry in light.  

| – .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. + |

transferring the light and energy to film | or paper | fabric « vegetation

and preserving documentation of said moment in time

is simply magical | so full of awe and mystery


| photographic magic |

+ / –

color / black and white

silver gelatin prints



salt prints


from the south \ east \ living in the west

contact / jessie morris

email : jessiemophoto@icloud.com

phone : (865) 363-7069

I live in California in the Bay Area

jessie st



some new work • jessie morris 2016

By Jessie Morris in New Works Portfolio

20 pages, published 1/25/2017

A selection of recent images from artist Jessie Morris