come here, stay here \ details


come here

stay here

in the morning


color exudes from your soul






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come here \ stay here \ in the morning \ light \ color exudes from your soul







the day you left, after we first were together

i went to the ocean

i watched the sunlight

dissolve into the sky

clear and smooth

your color remained

still glowing

like your soul

i took a photograph

wrapped in a blanket






i was alone and couldn’t tell you how i feel

i took another one





the first day, the last time i saw you

we went to the ocean

we watched the sunlight

dissolved into eachother

those beautiful colors of yours and mine

just as the ocean’s and the skies

we were together and didn’t have to say

i love you or

why (would i ever have)

wanted to die…


this from being




of this, i could not take a photograph









attachment. comfort. soft focus. intimacy. saturation. control. need. want. longing. obsession. fixation. loneliness. detachment. love.

details: the subtleties of a person \ place \ relationship

finite elements, of a person. of the relationship you have with that person. stimuli. patterns on their skin.  patterns on their bedroom wall.  colors from their being, their spaces.  subtle sounds, smells…. sensory memory

and all that entails.


































all words and images ©jessica morris 2016 all rights reserved